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Tracks and stops history

The history menu allows you to view data that was recorded by the device over time. You can retrieve the tracklist and view those tracks on the map for any date range under the limitation.

1. Select the required asset or assets from the objects list.​

2. On the top right "History" button will light up.

3. Clicking on the button will open a new menu with a calendar.

Employtask Tracks

4. Select the date/time range from predefined ones on the left or set a custom one.

5. Click on the "Select" button.

Employtask calendar

6. After that, you will receive general information about trips. You can click on any trip to display it on the map.

7. Detailed track information will be shown to the right of the travel time value under the "i" icon.

Employtask Tracks

If you already got a list of trips for a particular device and then click on another tracker, you will automatically get a list of trips for new device for the same time period.

Tracks and stops history

You can also get additional information about the tracker, how long and where it was. There are three different methods to define the tracker's history by status, tracker, and speed.

history by color.PNG

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