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Object Overview

All your devices are listed in the object list. It is a small window on the map in the Tracking application. The list is used to visually represent your vehicle fleet, search for devices, and view their statuses and history.

The Object list can be collapsed and expanded at any time by clicking the arrow button next to the title.

Display settings

Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the list to show the settings for displaying the list and objects on the map.​

  • Do not group - divide devices into groups or show them in a general list.

  • By name - sort trackers alphabetically.

  • By status - sort by status. Active devices will be displayed first.

  • By distanceput a point on the map, and all trackers will be sorted by distance from it. The closest ones will be shown in the list above the rest.

  • Follow the selected object - the map will automatically center on and track the selected devices. Thus, all devices will be constantly visible.

  • More settings - click on the three dots on the right to open additional settings:

    • Cluster objects markers - combine several trackers on the map into one mark if they are too close to each other. You can click on this mark to view all objects.

    • Object labels - show/hide tracker names on the map.

    • Trace - draw a small tail on the map to represent the tracker's trajectory.

    • Animation - when turned on, the device label will move across the map smoothly, without sudden jumps.

    • Show only selected objects - only selected objects will be displayed.

    • Hide offline objects - the offline object will not be shown on the map.

Employtask object groups

Device statuses

The small circle to the right of the name shows the current status of the device. Statuses can be of two main types:

Activated devices:

 Green -  the tracker is connected to the server and transmits the valid coordinates.

 Blue - the tracker is connected to the server but did not transmit the current coordinates for more than 5 minutes.

 Orange - the tracker is not connected to the server or has not transmitted any data for more than 10 minutes and the server forcibly closed the connection.

 Gray - the tracker is blocked according to the tariff plan. Top up your balance

Please note that none of these statuses by themselves means that the device is not working correctly but simply displays the current state. For example, a red tracker may merely be in sleep mode while parking. 

Non-activated devices:

Green - you have just registered the device. Most likely, you need to wait a bit. This status will also always be displayed for non-activated devices X-GPS Tracker.

Orange - quite a long time has passed, and the new device has not been activated. It may be worth referring to the article describing the common causes of activation problems.

Gray - this model does not support automatic activation. You need to configure the device manually using the configurator that comes with it. If you do not have a configurator, please try contacting the manufacturer's support or search the official website.

Non-activated devices:

  • Click on any tracker in the list, and the map is immediately centered on it. You can select several objects at the same time by clicking on the checkboxes to the left of the name - the map will choose such an angle so that they all get into the view.

  • The "i" button to the right of the name will display all current information about the device - widgets, location, detailed status, etc.

  • Click on the three dots to expand the context menu of possible actions with the object. You can:

    • Change device icon on the map

    • Chat with the device

    • Go to settings or reports

    • Open the alerts

  • In the upper-right corner of the list is the History button. Pressing on it, you can display on the map all movements and events that have occurred with the device for any period of time.

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