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Manage your employees beyond office walls

The X-GPS Monitor app for supervisors and the X-GPS Tracker app for employees provide a holistic approach to ON-THE-GO field service management.

Detect unknown detours from the route.

Check employees trips and events on a single map.

Enable a panic button for emergencies.

Get instant notifications about important events.

X-GPS Monitor App

X-GPS Monitor - Managers

Complete visibility of your entire field team


Field performance in seconds

Communicate with field teams online

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X-GPS Monitor

Stay aware of what’s happening wherever you go. See your employees in real-time, check job tasks and manage the field service workflow.

Task reassignment


Task details

Daily task progress summary

X-GPS Tracker
Icon X-GPS Tracker App

X-GPS Tracker - Employees

Turn your team member's smartphones into their day-to-day job planner. The app allows you to view employees' current activity, view tasks, trip logs, and customer visits, chat with the back office, and more.

See all assing task


Easily browse everyday work

Share your progress with the office

Show your working status.


All tasks on one map

Chat with your management

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