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What is a user account?

A user account lets you start working with the platform as well as customize your experience within it. In a user account, you can change settings like password, language, name, etc. You can also give access to your account to several users and assign them access rights to information and tools.​​​

Account settings

The main account section allows you to view user information as well as current settings.

On the left panel you can see:

  • User ID (required for any requests to support)

  • Current balance

  • Current bonuses

  • Legal information

Employtask Personal Settings

On the right panel you can edit your user preferences:

  • Language of the platform

  • Time zone

  • Date format

  • Time format

  • Source of geocoder data

  • Source of routing data

  • Measurement system

  • Enable or disable SMS transliteration

  • Change your password

  • Current File storage usage and settings

Employtask time zone

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